Horse D'Oeuvres

(Formerly) By Chef Jeff

Homemade Horse Treats - Horses Loved Em'

Kalamazoo Nature Center

For over 3 years, Jeff proudly volunteered at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. Jeff, his friend Amy, and their Personal Assistant Shori, helped their supervisor Kara Haas (and MANY other staff members at the Center) with lots of jobs.  Assistive technology was used by Jeff and Amy to read aloud books to preschoolers during Story Corners, shred paper for recycling projects, and host accessible Papermaking programs to people of all ages through several Public Programs. 

While also finding time to help create new bulletin boards, the "3 Musketeers" also volunteered on the weekends for Open Houses, Maple Sugar Festivals, Holidays at the Homestead, and much more.   Probably his MOST favorite volunteer job at the Center was a combination of working out at the Barn during the "Wednesday Mornings At The Barn" events, meeting & greeting barn visitors (using his head switch and voice output communication device), making horse treats for the pony Lacy (who lives there during the Spring/Summer seasons), and feeding his treats to Lacy during his weekly visits.   ...A man and his horse - there was nothing in this world more magical than watching Jeff spend time with Lacy - they truly had their own "Mutual Admiration Society."

The staff at the Nature Center admired & respected Jeff as a valued volunteer for their organization.  He will be missed by all who encountered him there.

Paradise Ridge Ranch

Jeff adored his friend Gloria Winslow, owner of Paradise Ridge Ranch in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  He met Gloria through his Aunt Marie and Uncle Bob.  Gloria has lots of horses, miniature horses, ponies, goats, dogs, and even a donkey at her ranch.  She provides pony parties and pony rides for kids, as well as summer horse camps, which Jeff volunteered at during Summer 2005 & 2006.  Gloria and her horses (& donkey) LOVED to see him come over to visit since he always brought them his homemade horse treats to munch on. 

Without a doubt, everyone at Paradise Ridge Ranch will miss their Chef Jeff.

Solitude Farm

Jeff's friend Ann told him about a new place to visit horses in Kalamazoo.  In the Fall of 2005,  he visited Solitude Farm for the first time, met the owner, and had the chance to feed his horse treats to lots of the horses that stay there.  Solitude Farm boards horses and also has an arena, jumping equipment, and over 300 acres of land.

Jeff never met a horse that didn't like his treats - can ya tell??

Hillside Learning Center

Jeff graduated from the Hillside Learning Center in June 2004.  He went there for many years and enjoyed going back up to visit friends during his post-school years.

Ablenet Inc.

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